Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho ho ho!

The final Christmas Bento for Annie's field trip to the art museum and
then I finally get to keep her at home for a while. It may sound sappy
(but really, is that new for me?) but I really miss her when she's
gone! So we have Venison Sausage Christmas Trees and Reindeer on a
bed of Feta snow. Rosemary Olive Oil Triscuits with grapes, carrot
candy canes, and some dipping sauce. Hope the field trip is fun, one
of these days I'll volunteer, but does that mean the hermit HAS to
become a part of the community?? :-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cranberries Covered in Snow

I love when the Cranberries are out! This is really the "snackiest" bento I've made for Annies lunch today but I've noticed how much Annie leaves in her lunches, so I'm downsizing a bit. So in this one, I put homefrosted crunchy cranberries, Annie's (the brand not the kid) Cinnamon Graham Sticks, Grapes and Bunny fish cakes.  No veggies today but that's okay, there is plenty of fruit!

The Onigiri Are Back!

Norby used his onigiri kit to put a few of the rice balls together, looks very professional! And the z-bar...well, it is professional!  With those, I put some flower carrots and flower fishcakes with grapes and some carrot dipping sauce.

Shining Star

This was Annie's bento from the day after we got all our Christmas stuff out so I was holiday inspired.  There's a shooting star cheese with carrot rays over a bed of lettuce with raisins.  Next to that are some gingerbread apples with a Hello Kitty container of dipping sauce for the carrots.  In the smaller side are some pistachios with fishcake ice skates over some more lettuce with a balsamic reduction container for dressing (Annie's favorite!).

Papa Bento

Norby took his long lost Bento to work the other day. He finished off
our venison stroganoff (I will never criticize his choice to buy the
whole deer again) and finally, I could pack something with nuts!

Wear Warm Clothes

I made this Bento just after Thanksgiving in honor of the genuine stick around snow that requires sweaters and mittens!  The sweaters are made out of poached egg yolk, one with ketchup added and the mittens are made from poached egg whites.  The mitten string is a mozzarella whip.  All of these are on a bed of lettuce with a fish container of balsamic reduction for dressing.  In the bigger container are apple tin soldiers with hello kitty containers of caramel dipping sauce.  There are also a few dumplings with a fish container of oyster sauce for dipping as well.