Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

This is Nissa's first year to share valentines, so exciting for her. She keeps asking how it works and was nervous about just leaving them in her locker. I'm afraid that's my trait coming out, not wanting to do something unless you know the rules exactly!

Anyway, I actually made them bentos today. Yay, to those creative juices for kicking me in the rear. There's a baked tofu heart over a soba noodle salad with a scallion hug and kiss and a little carrot heart. The top tier is a dumpling from The Tea House, orange wedges and a few carrot hearts. Finally, I picked up a couple of glutinous rice kitty cake treats for them as a valentines treat from United Noodles. Hopefully they'll like them.

A very happy Valentines Day to all and happy birthday to my mom. And finally a special Valentine's wish to my very best friend who still loves me quirks and all after all these years! Love you Bert!