Thursday, May 20, 2010

Annie Loves Annie's

We buy a lot of Annie's Homegrown organic products at our house. It's
a great company that brings us some of the old American favorites that
are normally very bad for you turned much healthier. Top tier, sour
cream and onion bunnies and a packet of gummy bunnies (both organic
with real ingredients). Middle tier has tomatoes and some slices of
kamoboko (pressed fish) and the bottom tier is all fruit with
blackberries and grapes. One more bento this week and, good news, the
morning sickness has greatly improved and will hopefully make a
complete exit by the the weekend (first trimester ends for me


Hooray for leftovers. We met some friends for dinner (could the
morning sickness finally be gone???) and the had Alfredo on the kids
menu. And it was a huge serving so Annie has lunch today too. Also,
there are some blackberries, raspberries, and the return of the cherry

Simply Sweet and Salty

My tamagoyaki failed miserably this morning so I used an old standby,
dumplings! with a few carrots and some slightly salty sobas with a few
more carrots and my usual lately, chive flowers. The sweetness in this
bento is watermellon.

Organization and Beautification

I really like the organized look of the checkered patterns. In this
bento, it's watermellon and blackberries that are checkered. In the
top tiers are cherry tomatoes, of course, and four tamgoyaki slices.
Tamagoyaki is a sort of rolled Japanese omelette that has some extra
ingredients (depending on your own recipe) like dashi (a fish stock),
soy sauce and sugar. Annie loves them as long as I add enough sugar,
that is! And finally, a tier of soba noodles garnished with chive
flowers (gotta use 'em while I have 'em). Oh and a little side note.
I've been typing these entries on my iPhone and sometimes it changes
my spellings when I'm not paying attention. When I get the chance,
I'll go back and correct those weird out of place words that pop up
here and there.

Pickled and Pinappled

Pickled fish, or as everyone knows it, pickled herring accompanied by
a couple of chive flowers and the almost requisite cherry tomatoes. A
whole container of pinapple with a strawberry kawaii. And finally a
Hello Kitty head of Pirate Booty, or as they are known at our house,


Super smiley bento. Maybe it's because Annie has decided she dies like
onigiri after all (those are the pressed rice shapes, traditionally
done in a ball or triangular shape but you can also get rice molds
that shape them into cute thongs for you!). So there are three plain
onigiri (meaning not stuffed with anything) over carrots decorated
with punched nori faces and hearts. On top is a pressed bunny egg
decorated with some hoisin sauce with a small bottle of soy sauce next
to it. And finally, one sliced apple with a kawaii bunny!

Red and Yellow

I know there's more color in here than that but I liked the way those
colors look. Just as a notice, the rest of the Bentos I make for a
while, may nit be nearly as creative due to major morning sickness.
But I'm pretty excited I'm getting them dine at all. :) After I looked
at this picture, I think I should have turned the orange slices up
instead of down but I think the probably stayed fresher this way. Soba
noodles dressed with soy sayce and toasted sesame oil is definitely
becoming a staple. Good thing Annie loves them! The egg has a few
little nori (seaweed) hearts. Yay, some decoration!

Sooooooooo Tired!

Forgot how tired I get when I'm pregnant (oh, by the way, surprise!
I'm pregnant and you don't have any clue how much of a surprise this
is, but in a good way). I seriously threw this bento together in about
2 minutes (well, more like 10 but in pregnant time, that's really like

Scroungers Bento

There was next to nothing in the house this morning so I had to
scrounge for anything. Stuffed Swedish Pancakes with a container of
powdered sugar, one pear, one kiwi, and one peach and that's it. Not a
single fruit left in the house!