Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nissa's Picnic

Nissa decided it would be a perfect day for a picnic and asked for a
bento. How could I say no?? We stayed simple with kiwi and carrots.
The monkey containers have peanut butter in them to spoon onto the
bananas underneath. And finally, being watched over by the yellow bear
are peanut butter and jelly Teddy bear sandwiches made on Norbys
homemade rye bread using the local organic rye flour I found at Cedar
Summit Farms. Then, she packed it all in her bike and off we went
around the block to the backyard for our picnic. Very fun!

Naked Bento

No decoration, no fancy cutters, no cute little dividers, just the
naked food. I've been waking up later (I'll blame that new little
bugger growing in my tummy!) so I've had to be quicker than usual. I
still like the orderliness of this one though (can you say, OCD?).
Watermellon, pear, turkey, cheese, sweet peas and tomatos. Can't get
much more naked than that!

5-Minute Bento

Since the pasta salad was leftover, the only time consuming part of
this bento was cutting the fruit and venison stick (I added it to the
pasta salad for se protein). Kiwi, Watermelon, Sweet Peas and Pasta
Salad. Über simple, über quick.

Pretty In Pastel

First I was going to say pretty in pink but there are way too many
colors. In the top are sweet peas (again), some sliced of Norbys
homemade bread, rolls of turkey and cheese to put on the bread and a
monkey girl and monkey boy container of mayo for the mini sandwiches.
In the bottom tier are interspersed slices of pear and apple
surrounded by kiwi with a pink flower pick. Yum!

Kiwi Hills

Couldn't think of a very creative name for this one but I still like
it. Kiwi and grapes on top. Venison sticks and sweet peas in the
middle. And pasta salad with kalmata olives and tomatos on the bottom.

Post Alice In Wonderland

Can you guess what movie we just saw? Loved it! Leftover hamburger
hotdish with carrots and tomatos in the bottom tier. Apples and kiwi
in the middle tier. And sweet peas with more carrots and tomatos in
the top tier.

Easter Egg

So, I used leftovers for this meal and didn't entirely take color into
consideration. If I'd been thinking better, I would have used the
orange egg. Besides the egg, there are olives, carrot hearts and

Seeing Stars

Star pressed egg decorated with tiny nori (dried seaweed) stars
accompanied by tomato and cheese skewers in the top container. Kiwi
with more nori stars and blackberries in the bottom container. Annie
liked this one but was still hungry when she was done.

Swedish Bento

Kiwi, blackberries, and cheese flowers in the top tier. Rolled Swedish
Pancakes stuffed with raspberry jam topped with blackberries and a
penguin container of powdered sugar, yum! And some wrapped pickled
herring, with tomato flowers and sweet peas coveredf with more cheese

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Turkey, Carrot Leaves and Apples in the top tier. Cheese Slices, Quail
Eggs, Carrot and Apple Leaves, and Annie's Cheddar Bunnies in the
middle tier. Leek Dumplings and even more Carrot Leaves in the bottom
tier. To keep my cut fruit from browning, I usually dip them in fresh
squeezed lemon juice. Annie likes the flavor too!