Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bentos Galore!

Being that I have been a bit slow in posting bentos in this here blog, I am creating a rather picture centric entry. These are most of the fall blogs of 2009, all the way through Christmas.

Last Bento of the School Year! Angel Sandwiches with mandarin oranges, Kamaboko Trees and Stockings including cherry tomatoes.

Christmasy Bento! Mini Christmas sandwiches on cherry tomatoes with apple trees and carrot soldiers surrounding a cup of tomatoes and Kalamata olives.

Fall Leaves! I made another bento that I named that last year... well, that was girl in leaves, this one is more just leaves. Heirloom tomato and Kalamata olive salad with white mozzarella oak leaves and a pumpernickel sandwich accompanied by sweet peas and grapes.

The Final Flower of Summer! Pressed egg flower over basil leaves surrounded by carrots and grapes with a tomato cheese salad.

I Heart Bunnies Bento! Mini Bunny sandwiches on carrots and sweet peas and tomato roses with cheesy hearts with a heart pressed egg on a carrot ribbon, mandarin orange and blackberries.

Bunny Sandwich! This bento has a whole sandwich in it. Something Annie usually shuns but she liked it as long as it was on sourdough. A lettuce salad with cheese heart filled tomato flowers and a bunny sandwich with mandarin orange and carrot slices. The little cup is dip for the carrots and the black pig bottle is balsamic for the salad.

Bear Bento! Kamaboko bears, bug and frog covered dumplings, mandarin oranges, sprout and sweat peas.