Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Fence

Today was the last day of camp and Norby surprised Annie by taking off work to come see her fence. It was a great surprise. Annie won first place in her epee tournament and was really fun to watch. She's ready to start in august and, to be honest, so are Norby and I! I tried something new in this bento by giving myself a blank slate to just decorate. In this case, the slate is a slice of provolone over cut up pieces of chicken. The decorations are made with organic American cheese (or as it's known in our house, Pirates Cheese) and nori. In the red cups are nori decorated melon balls and of course, none other than the fully in bloom from the garden must be picked before they are gone, black raspberries! Here's to a great week of camps and a happy 10 year old about to start a new adventure!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things That Go Hop

Fourth day of fencing camp and I've been informed that Annie and Kasia have a secret hideout (otherwise known as the girls locker room, lol). It's so fun to see Annie so excited and loving it. More watermelon with frogs that go hop and some black raspberries (of course) are in the top tier. In the bottom one is an antipasto with a couple provolone bunnies that go hop, apparently for real since Annie found one had hopped under the salad when she opened it! Sneaky little buggers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fencing Food

I liked Monday's bento so much, I revived it today, the third day of fencing, in a slightly new arrangement and with the addition of a strawberry. Since these are all snack Bentos, I've only been using two tiers of the three tiered boxes. This is probably my favorite box, even if it's only part of it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seeing Double

Second day of fencing camp and Annie is well on her way to becoming a fencer, she loves it. She has made a new good friend named Kasia. Annie said she knew they'd be friends when she learned they were both left handed. The double Bentos below each have half a bunny egg and half a bear egg. Each also has two bear cups of strawberries and more black raspberries. Nissa at hers as soon as we dropped of Annie and as we were on our way to get grandma and grandpa to buy them the long promised birch tree. She wasn't waiting until snack time!

Garden Snack

Annie has fencing camp this week which requires a snack, Bento Time! And yes, Nissa requested one too so, of course, there are two. Our black raspberries are loving the fact that we cut down the mulberry trees and are subsequently, loaded with berries. Here, they are surrounding some nori hearted watermelon. The other half has rolled slices of sopressata Italian hard sausage adorned with a provolone flower garden and a few nori centers. Linda, the fencing coach, worked the kids hard in a fun and exciting way, good thing Annie brought a snack!