Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

It's today, it's today! Finally, halloween is here. I told Nissa that this was the last halloween bento and she asked why. "Because today is halloween", I said. "You can just keep making them", she told me and I giggled. I suppose I could, but I won't. It'll be all leaves and thanksgiving after this. So in this lunch there's a Nutella ghost sandwich, two little quail egg ghosts, soba & carrot noodles, and a special treat, a Frankenstein Kit Kat bar. I don't put candy in their lunches often but halloween requires it! Her snack is the same it's been all week but she says she still likes it. She also has a thermos of chicken little soup to warm her up on this cold day. Happy Halloween Nissa!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Day More Part II

Nissa doesn't care for the pumpkin puffs or the zBar so her lunch is smaller. As much as I worried about if she has enough food, Norby reminded me that the pie in and of itself is a full meal for Nissa. Guten appetit kleines m├Ądchen!

One Day More

It's almost the big day! Costumes are chosen but not done. Plans are made but not confirmed. Excitement is coming but not quite here, well maybe a little but not completely. Here is Annie's last halloween bento of 2013 and, because I love these lids, a picture of the lunch closed too. It has another homemade veggie pot pie with a piece of cornmeal battered fried fish that Norby cooked up last night, soooo yummy. She also has popcorn, pumpkin puffs, cinnamon apple sauce, and a halloween minty chocolate zBar. Skull head approves.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Nissa has the exact same lunch so as I described it to them, Nissa asked why I would put a kitty in a halloween lunch. I guess at halloween I need to be more specific. It's a cat Nissa, a cat to which she replied, "ohhhhhhhhh", silly kid. She also gets a snack for their afternoon snack time which I don't usually photo but I kind of liked this one today!


Bats come out at dusk so I should probably change the title but one of Annie's favorite episodes of Who is Midnight so I think I'll leave it. She's getting a home made veggie pot pie with soy sauce/sesame oil dressed soba & carrot noodles with a few pumpkin puffs. On the other side are some more roasted pumpkin and bat sweet potatoes, pumpkin puffs and apple bites with a Nutella bath. Oh halloween, you come and go so fast nowadays.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm ready for my close up!

Just for fun...

Halloween Week is Here!

Roasted sweet potato pumpkins and bats, quail egg ghosts, soba noodle land and carroty skies with a broccoli tree all say happy halloween! I posted two pictures because I forgot the faces on the first one and then couldn't decide which I liked better. I still don't know. I think I'm in love with the purple sweet potatoes though!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ghosties are invading! A Nutella ghost sandwich, baked sweet potato pumpkins, apple crunchy straws, cheesey potato pumpkin poofs, and a ghostly container of applesauce make this slightly spooky guarded by gargoyles lunch. I also included a thermos of Annie's raviolis to fill it out on this super cold fall day!

Scrounging Again!

Sometimes I swear we are completely out of enough food to make anything resembling a lunch and then, I scrounge. Luckily, we had enough odds and ends to make this Nutella, pickles, mini bread, frozen strawberries, and dumpling bento. I'm so glad Nissa changed her mind about Nutella. I can maybe make that munchkin a sandwich now.

Here Comes Halloween!

I used Norby's homemade whole wheat mini loafs of bread to make two mini salami and Jabari sandwiches. They fit so well that I'm going to have to badger him to make mini loafs every week! Simple easy lunch of sandwiches, pickle, and carrots. Halloweeny bentos down the lane I hope!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ode to the Parks

Tree carrots and flower picks with a "mountain" pot pie remind me of the national parks, all closed today due to a crazy government shutdown. It's interesting to be an observer of the reactions on all sides of this latest event, which are, expectedly, extreme. That aside, these are the lunches for the girls. There are cucumber carrot packets. I used a potato peeler to make strips of cucumber that I seasoned with salt and dill. Then I rolled the carrots into them and secured them with flower picks. The pot pies are stuffed with leftover vegetable stew from dinner last night and finally, there are slices of kiwi and carrots.