Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow Bunnies

I keep hoping it will snow! Maybe if I make enough snowish bentos, I can will the snow to come. So maybe this one isn't exactly snowy but the bunnies are white like the snow bunnies! That's what I thought anyways. Here's to wishful thinking!

Lots of dried fruit in this bento!  All around the edges there are dried apricots, dried cranberries and raisins.  The bunnies on the dumplings are made from fishcakes.  The three on top of the lettuce are made from cheese.  There is a fish container of balsamic reduction for the lettuce and oyster sauce for the dumplings.  And finally, there are some carrot hearts with a wine bottle of ranch for dipping.

The Day After Bento

It was so much fun to have the Howards over last weekend. Anetta and I bentoed, the men talked tech, and the kids played and played and then ate. Once we download the pictures, I will officially document the event. For now, here is Annie's bento from "the day after". Annetta and I did so many I was idead out, so I resorted to hearts.

On the left, are little chick apples with caramel dipping sauce in the Hello Kitty container and balsamic reduction in the fish bottle.  Next to that is some herring topped with cherry tomatoes and cheese hearts.  On the right is a salad topped with tomato flowers stuffed with cheese hearts and raisins.  Next to that is a small serving of egg salad with a paprika heart.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing in the Leaves

Sounds like we may be getting some accumulation of snow this week (yippee, I hear Trollhaugen has already opened) so this may be the last "fall" bento. Which also means it is the last day for the girls to play in the leaves! Therefore, I call this Bento, "Girl Jumping in Leaves", a modern arty kind of name!

On the left is a fruit pinwheel of grapes and oranges accompanied by homemade herbed focaccia and a container of ranch dipping sauce.  On the right the little girl is made from turkey bologna and cheese.  Her hair is made of dried fruit and she's laying on a bed of carrot leaves, they match the leaves on the tree outside the front door!!  Love Fall!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hogsqueal Bento

Annie chose the name for todays bento due to all the birds. If you are familiar with The Spiderwick Chronicles, then you already know why! Apparently, today, Annie is a Hog Goblin.

In the Hog Goblin's lunch today, we have three dumplings in a carrot nest topped with bologna and Cheese doves. Along side the nest is a chunk of homemade focaccia and three sauce choices - ranch, balsamic glaze, and soy sauce. On the other side, the little Hog Goblin should be happy with carrot chicks, pickled herring topped with another bologna cheese dove and a handful of grapes. Maybe today, she'll actually eat the carrots!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Bentos

Phew, no more campaign ads!! What a country we live in. Later on, I'll post Lindsay's pictures from Grant Park. So wish I could have been there!

Here are the bentos I did this week. Annie got to use my box this week. Thought it was better than letting it sit in the drawer!


On the left, apple flowers and a container of caramel dipping sauce.  On the right, a flower shaped egg topped with paprika surrounded by carrot flowers on top of a bed of a homemade pasta salad.

My heart was in the election today!  In the bottom are heart apples and dried fruit.  In the top are heart carrots and fishcakes surrounding a heart shaped homemade chicken salad topped with a dried fruit heart.  Hope the heart wins!


In case you don't know, I love bunnies!!  This is pretty straight forward but I'll tell you anyways.  On the left is a bunny cheese sandwich and half an orange.  On the right are Annie's (the company not the kid) bunny fruit chews nestled next to a bunch of bunny fishcakes.