Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Morning Stroll


This morning, I walked to the grocery store before breakfast. If you know me, then you know how out of character that is. I did have a cup of coffee first though, very important. What I learned was pretty fun. I ran into the boys down the block walking the mile and a half to their school which I didn't know they did. My brain immediately began to figure the distance from our house to the girls' school... 5 miles? 6? no, too far but how fun. I greeted another neighbor walking to the bus, that was fun. I had an in depth conversation with the nice lady cashier about the gloomy weather to come but still how exciting weather is and that was fun. Maybe I can be a morning person after all? This all happened because I needed a few things for their lunches, like berries, summer sausage, mushrooms, cheese, and kiwis. Okay, so I needed almost everything for their lunches but it sure was a nice morning stroll.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Bento

Last week of school! I love the last week of school, almost as much as I love the last week of summer, and almost as much as I love that I finally made the onigiri I said I would. I'm using up the last of my mini foods like mini corn dogs and mini brats and even pulled out the old mini monkey containers for some shelled sunflower seeds. I forgot to add the chive blossoms but I still like it. Two more days, then summer!!!