Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Horse Camp - Day 2

Yesterday was good but turns out, the lunch provided by the ranch is
McDonalds! Annie, of her own accord, requested a cold lunch. Yay! She
also requested the snack NOT be a Bento. Oh well, at least I can still
make a lunch one. In this one, there is a turkey, provolone, tomato
and olive sandwich on whole wheat bread with a little mayonaise. It's
been cut into a bunny shape with olive eyes and is resting on some
carrot grass and flowers. On the other side are sone cherry tomatoes,
raspberries from the back yard and a treat, some Newman's Own mint
creme filled cookies! Here's to a great 2nd day at horse camp!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Horse Camp Day One

Tomorrow Annie will be back in the saddle again, literally. She's
headed to horse camp and although they'll provide lunch, they
requested a snack. Woohoo!!!! It's bento time in the summer!! Even if
it's just a snack one. In this bento, I reverted to one of my favorite
standbys, tomato roses with cheese hearts. Learned a little lesson
though, sharp cheddar cheese does not like to keep it's shape when
cut. And there's another standby, carrot flowers with a Hello Kitty
container of ranch dressing. Since she is also bringing a strawberry
yogurt drink and tube, Annie requested strawberries. Finally, I threw
in some cheddar bunnies. Ride well Annie and eat even better!