Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing in the Leaves

Sounds like we may be getting some accumulation of snow this week (yippee, I hear Trollhaugen has already opened) so this may be the last "fall" bento. Which also means it is the last day for the girls to play in the leaves! Therefore, I call this Bento, "Girl Jumping in Leaves", a modern arty kind of name!

On the left is a fruit pinwheel of grapes and oranges accompanied by homemade herbed focaccia and a container of ranch dipping sauce.  On the right the little girl is made from turkey bologna and cheese.  Her hair is made of dried fruit and she's laying on a bed of carrot leaves, they match the leaves on the tree outside the front door!!  Love Fall!


Norbert said...

Lou says "you're disgustingly perfect".

Krista said...

You are AMAZING! How much do you charge to ship a kick ass bento to MI?

I'm sure Annie looks forward to lunch and, knowing you, you look forward to making these.

I now have both your blogs on my RSS feed on my homepage so I start each day wishing I could trade Annie for her lunch..think she would give it up? :-)

Miss you.