Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Fence

Today was the last day of camp and Norby surprised Annie by taking off work to come see her fence. It was a great surprise. Annie won first place in her epee tournament and was really fun to watch. She's ready to start in august and, to be honest, so are Norby and I! I tried something new in this bento by giving myself a blank slate to just decorate. In this case, the slate is a slice of provolone over cut up pieces of chicken. The decorations are made with organic American cheese (or as it's known in our house, Pirates Cheese) and nori. In the red cups are nori decorated melon balls and of course, none other than the fully in bloom from the garden must be picked before they are gone, black raspberries! Here's to a great week of camps and a happy 10 year old about to start a new adventure!


ღ♡Ꮣуռ էяɨռɨא♡ღ said...

Hi Mama E! Nice to know you and your lovely blog! :D
Your bentos are all so cute! :D

Mama E said...

Thank you! <3 I absolutely love your blog! It's always good to know another Virgo too :)