Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Grade Five

I am seriously trying not to freak out. Back to school is a time I relish for Annie but not so much for me. I admit that I love being back on bento duty but I am one of those moms who really misses her kids when they're in school. Nissa starts Kindergarten on Thursday and to prepare, Norby took the day off from work to support both Nissa and me. So, Annie requested the panda bento and here it is! This one has press shaped eggs with nori decorations, grape tomatoes from the garden stuffed with cream cheese and chives, also from the garden. There are two little bear cups of olives covered with smoked Gouda bears also decorated with nori and all those little flowers are from my completely gone wild oregano plant. Annie says she's not sure she'll eat them buy will at least try one. The other tier has a handful of grapes and some carrot flowers along with a smoked Gouda flower both decorated with nori and finally, a little cute monster kind of face is sticking out. It's a pick in case Annie doesn't want to use her fingers :). Happy fifth grade year big girl!