Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For The Birds

Third day back tomorrow and I'm guessing the homework will return, boo (not really, I know it's good and reinforces what was taught in the classroom but it seriously cuts into our family fun time). Lots of color in this one. Top tier is sliced oranges and fanned strawberries. Middle tier has two birds nests of 100% soba noodles dressed with a sesame oil/soy sauce mix. In one nest are two quail egg chicks and in the other are three multi-colored carrot owls. Apparently, the purple carrot owl is camera shy and will only keep his back to us, crazy bird. The bottom tier is a separated caprese kalamata olive salad garnished with oregano flowers. Happy happy happy birdie chirpy day to you, to you (darn singing gnome birthday card has that song stuck in my head!). Now, on to Nissa's!