Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gettin' Figgy With It!

Yeah, I had to say that in the title, haha.  Annie sat with me again and put together her own bento, I'm really liking this new habit! The entire time, she told me all about the graphic novel she's written in her head and has just begun to put to paper. I might be biased (you know, being her mom and all), but it's incredibly creative and very unique. I hope she finishes it.

So the figgy title is for the figs in the top tier. They are surrounded by chocolate mint leaves and orange slices. I wonder if my mint survived last nights frost advisory? The middle tier has four slices of Scandinavian tomagoyaki (a savory dill version of the japanese omelet), some carrots, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and two quail eggs.  As per Annie's request, I didn't peel them, not sure how Nissa will take to that but we'll see. The bottom tier has cucumber wedges and potatoes in Nissa's with the addition of grape tomatoes in Annie's and of course some oregano flowers to decorate. I'm sure the frost has killed them off but they were nearly gone anyway. Maybe Annie will join me again tonight but since it's a fencing night, it might not happen. Oh well, I'll take it when I can :)