Monday, September 12, 2011

Flighty as a Butterfly

Quickest bentos ever! We went out to dinner after taekwondo, great idea in theory but time wise? Not so smart. Poor Nissa was stretched beyond her limit and even little Oskar was over sleepy. I guess summer is finally and officially over. Back to schedules it is, but not tonight. Hence the super quick flighty dighty butterfly Bentos. Nissa has the blue one and Annie the black. Both have tea eggs (hard boiled eggs that are cracked and then soaked in a hot tea, soy sauce and herb mixture... a little like heaven), sugar snap peas, carrot butterflies, sesame oil/soy sauce dressed soba noodles, cucumber butterflies, a couple mozzarella balls and grapes. Annie's also has some ground cherries and a cheese butterfly. Nissa was so tired that she was tearfully saying she no longer likes tea eggs when she checked in with me. I'll have to see again in the morning after she has had some rest. Off to bed it is for me now too!