Thursday, September 8, 2011

Khaki and Color

So Annie mentioned that sometimes, the kids at lunch try to guess the different foods in her lunch. Well, this one might stump them. In the top tier are ground cherries. Norby saw them at the co-op and said, "let's try them out" to which I said, "sure". They are amazingly yummy, taste just like a caramel apple in my book. Annie loves them and Nissa gives them a sideways thumb for now. So, we'll see who guesses what those paper covered fruits are! In that tier is also a carved apple wedge, some strawberries and a sprig of chocolate mint. I told the girls to eat a leaf after lunch to freshen their breath, we'll see if they do. In the other tier, there are two mini nori punched decorated mozzarella balls, four chicken/pork dumplings, a bunch of carrot flowers and a few more grape tomatoes from the garden. Annie was a great big sister and didn't want to leave Nissa but knew she had to get to her own class. Very proud of my great girls who are now happy and worn out. Yep, schools in session!