Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Not?

As predicted, Annie was worn out after fencing and just went straight to bed not, however, until she told me about her amazing new fencing partner. "Was she new?" I naively asked. "It was a boy and I've never seen him but he was good so he must have fenced before," said her glowing face. The wheels turned quickly in my head, "Oh and was he cute?". Her eyes twinkled and she said, "yep!". "Well that always makes it more fun doesn't it?" I said as my eyes twinkled back, hehe. Somehow, Norby's eyes weren't twinkling quite as much when I told him, lol.

I meant to just quickly throw these together since Annie wasn't working with me but in the end threw on some decorations... Why Not? :). Both have spaghetti with cheese and nori decorations (I really do love those girls), oranges, apples, grapes and mint. In the small containers, both have packets of seaweed snacks but Annie has more figs (Nissa's sideways thumb must have turned down, she didn't eat the ones I made yesterday) and Nissa has a fruitabu snacky thing. Well it's fun to watch Annie grow up and just as fun to have Nissa still at age 5. They are so much alike and yet light years apart!