Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello Flowers

I learned that Nissa does not, in fact, like olives at all. She says they're sour. Here I've been giving them to her for years because I thought she liked them. I'm guessing a big sister, who would eat olives for every meal, must have "helped" Nissa with hers, lol. So, no olives in this bento. The right tier has a few nori punched decorated mini mozzarella balls, three chicken and pork dumplings and a whole lot of carrot flowers. The other one has some sliced apple topped with halved strawberries and apple flowers all flanked by orange slices and some chocolate mint leaves. On to the second day of kindergarten! The first day started off with some tears but Nissa informed me that tomorrow, when I leave, she will not need to hold on to me. Such a cute kid.