Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kindergarten Princess

It's finally arrived, the big day! Nissa starts kindergarten and I'm excited, happy and sad all at the same time. She also requested the panda bento for her first day, knew I should have bought two of them. Nissa's bentos are going to add a new challenge since she is a bit more particular about what she eats. Most everything in this one, however, are foods she likes. We'll see! On the red princess tier, there is a teddy bear container of sugar snap peas and olives with a second teddy bear container of nori decorated fresh mini mozzarella balls. The princess has speared a kalamata olive and hearted mozz ball. Hiding in the corner is what every princess has, a pet (quail egg) mouse. They are resting on a bed of soy sauce/sesame oil dressed soba noodles and adorned with oregano flowers. The blue princess tier is lined with orange slices that are topped with fanned strawberries and adorned with fresh chocolate mint from the front yard. There are also two teddy bear cups of chopped strawberries covered with smoked Gouda nori decorated bears. I can't believe it's time and will so miss the crazy and creative kid called Nissa being with me every day. Love you Nunu!