Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baked Hearts

First let me start by saying Oskar and I have been very sick these past few days but today his fever broke and now, at bedtime, I'm finally feeling pretty good. We made it through his first fever quite unscathed, yay! Norby took over lunch duty and, as you can see by the previous post, made bentos too. Yesterday, I couldn't get myself out of bed to take a picture so I've no idea what they had, but I'm sure it was yum. In this bento, I tried something new, baked tofu. I bought extra firm tofu, sliced it in half, cut out heart shapes, marinated them in soy sauce/sesame oil and baked it for about an hour and 20 minutes. An hour ten would have probably been better, but the girls don't mind the crunchy edges. Along the edge of the baked hearts are some mashed potatoes and stuffed tomatoes (that rhymed, hehe) with some herb and cheese garnish with nori decorations. A word on the nori: don't use the teriyaki flavored ones for punching, they're too sticky! The girls prefer the plain ones anyway. The top tier has mini wine grapes, a few ground cherries and a whole bunch of little bits of string cheese. I hope it's enough of the foods they'll eat, another wait and see.