Thursday, May 20, 2010

Organization and Beautification

I really like the organized look of the checkered patterns. In this
bento, it's watermellon and blackberries that are checkered. In the
top tiers are cherry tomatoes, of course, and four tamgoyaki slices.
Tamagoyaki is a sort of rolled Japanese omelette that has some extra
ingredients (depending on your own recipe) like dashi (a fish stock),
soy sauce and sugar. Annie loves them as long as I add enough sugar,
that is! And finally, a tier of soba noodles garnished with chive
flowers (gotta use 'em while I have 'em). Oh and a little side note.
I've been typing these entries on my iPhone and sometimes it changes
my spellings when I'm not paying attention. When I get the chance,
I'll go back and correct those weird out of place words that pop up
here and there.