Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long Time No Bento


The entire month of January, Annie chose hot lunch!  I only mourned a little at not being able to make any bentos but at the same time, it was a nice break too.  Finally, I got to use the punch tools Santa put in my stocking for today's bento. 

Since we just went waaaaaayyyyy south for vacation (central Illinois is pretty darn south when you live in Minnesota) and experienced spring like weather, I made a springy bento today.  In the smaller part, carrot flowers, soy sheet frogs and lady bugs, olives and cheese curds are accompanied by a bamboo pick to eat them all.  In the bigger part I was not too creative today, just trying to cover the protein and fruit part.  In it, I put Annie's favorite, pork and veggie dumplings with soy sauce for dipping.  Also some cranberry pomegranate apple sauce with a Hello Kitty container of ranch dressing for the carrots.  Ah, it feels good to be bentoing again!


annetta said...

So cute! We still haven't received the Bento boxes in the mail but I anxiously await their arrival.

The Wellspring said...

I am amazed at this display of creativity - as well as all the others - WOW! I added you to my Google Reader and so was hoping you hadn't stopped Bentoing. ;)

~Lisa (Andersen) P.

Elissa said...

Hey Lisa! Shows how much I've completely ignored this blog. I was just checking back on some of my past pictures and I finally (only 9 months later!!) saw your comment!! :) I haven't stopped, just took a huge long pause in blogging!