Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Annie's 9th Birthday Bento

Annie is 9! Can't believe how time flies and yet, I can't imagine life before her either. Just goes to prove that time is static. Anyways, this one has all of her Swedish favorites; blackberries and kiwi with cheese flowers; blueberry stuffed Swedish pancakes with some more blackberries and a penguin of powdered sugar; tomato roses on one side, sweet peas on the other, both with cheese flowers and some wrapped up pickled herring. Oh and I almost forgot, to make the Swedish theme complete, she has a lingonberry juice box from Ikea too!

I wanted a picture of the penguin but when I put this bento together, I liked the balanced look of it so I included a picture without the penguin too.

Happy Birthday Boo Boo!


s burke said...

and I love your bentos E!!!

Mama E said...

Oh I just found this comment! I'm slow, lol. Thanks Shannon :) After two years, I'm still loving them!