Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The sun has returned to the Midwest which forced me to make a super sunny colored bento, well... that and the fact that the food I had available just happened to be super sunny colored. The top tier is a container of sour cream and onion bunnies with leftover, "E's kumquat, ramp and sun dried tomato burger casserole" (can you say, cleaning-out-the-cupboards meal?) which was surprisingly yummy!! On top of that is a cheddar cheese person enjoying the sun. The bottom tier has sunny slices of grapefruit and grassy green kiwi with little flavor burst bites of kumquats. I've never used them before and didn't know if Annie would like them but she does! They're kind of like the strongest sour head you've ever tasted, right up her alley. And finally, a couple of sunny bear picks to round out the whole sunfilled thing. Okay, so I'm tired and a bit over the top in my description, even for me! :) Ah, well, what can I say?