Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red and Green

It's after Thanksgiving so I can use Christmas colors without guilt! Who am I kidding, I'd use them anyway. With Norby's coaching, I made my first noodle stir fry. I'm always shaky on the sauce and seasoning but it worked and it was yum! So that's what the girls get for lunch. A vegetable noodle stir fry seasoned with oyster, soy, and fish sauce as well as some rice vinegar. See, on my own I would never mix all those things but Norby helped and it was just right. On top of the stir fry and in the middle tier are pieces if kamaboko (surimi pressed into a log like shape). On top of the surimi are some fresh peas and the top tier has kiwi slices with raspberries. Christmas here we come!