Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

It's been a month full of celebrations with lots more to come! I've been making bentos but not posting. I admit, its because I've used most of my online time to look for present ideas. Also, after last Friday, I was distracted by a gamut of emotions surrounding the great tragedy. But here I am tonight, snuggled in with the baby (can you call a two year old a baby anymore?) and done with my online window shopping. As I looked through my pictures, I found a few bentos from the past few weeks and figured, it's about time! Most of these are accompanying bentos, meaning I included a thermos of this, that, and the other thing. Two pictures are nearly the same except that one shows the this, that, and the other thing as a homemade burrito wrapped in foil, sometimes I do that with chicken too. I'm going to come back later and give more details but here's a few of the unusual things in these - gjetost cheese, pickled herring, lussekatter (lucia buns), mini apples, and cream cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes just to name some. So anyway, here they are: