Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mustard Greens

We picked up a huge gigantic bag of mustard greens at our local grocery store and this is the last of them. I have to say, I thought I'd be sick of them by now but I'm really, really not. They are so amazing. Norby prepared them in much the same way as a wilted spinach salad except that we had no bacon so used ham.

So he simply sauteed up the onion and ham in the wok. Once the onion was just getting caramelized, he threw in enough greens to fill up the Wok and seasoned them with a good amount of soy sauce and a little sushi vinegar. That's it, soooo amazing!

I threw in some cheese hearts on top to remind Annie of how yummy these are but she doesn't need the reminding. She loves them too. In the top tier are oranges and leftover pasta in a marinara sauce from dinner with another cheese heart and a few trees.