Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Bento... Obento... Whatever you call it, we have jumped on the bandwagon.

Norby recently discovered Bentos. Not the kind you order in a Japanese restaurant but the kind that people in Japan use to carry their lunch to work or school on a daily basis. It is somewhat of an artform there, especially among moms creating their children's lunches. There is one mom's flickr site who has set the bar so now I must attempt to reach it too.

So here is a picture of my first attempt with Annie's bento. Norby took the picture with his phone so it's not the best but it should give the gist. The hearts and birds are separated eggs steamed. The orange part is yolk with ketchup mixed in... yum! The flowers in the corners are cut cherry tomatoes and they are all on a bed of lettuce. The other side has applesauce, bunny's cut from fish cakes on a bed of carrot grass and a hello kitty container of dressing.

Annie was so excited that she dropped the bento once this morning in the house but we were able to quickly reassemble it since it was the apple sauce side. In the car, she was so excited that she accidentally took off the strap and dropped her fork on the ground. Very cute. I think a bento bag is in order! Anyways, it was very fun.