Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Fairy Tree

Annie spent the day at home yesterday with a little bit of a yucky tummy. She wasn't all that sick but enough that she might have had some embarassing situations in the bathroom at school. So we goofed around and had some fun. Annie drew a picture for the fairies who live in our fairy tree and brought it out to them. She was sooo cute! She put her drawing in a ziplock bag, added some candies, walked out to the tree, set the bag down, patted the tree while talking to the fairies and came back in. Throughout the day she kept checking to see if they had taken her bag. Much to both our surprises, there came a time when she looked out and the bag was indeed gone! Huh? I looked out and sure enough, it wasn't there. At first, I was a little taken aback but then realized that the dog must have smelled the candies and moved it. Later in the day, when Norby came home, he found it in the yard but Annie doesn't know that. She is now waiting to see if they will give her anything back... hmmm.... what will they give??

Also, Norby helped to create a Bento. He added something she absolutely loved! A mini-cheeseburger. What 7 year old wouldn't love that? She also had some low sodium almonds, raisins, carrots, pickles and... I forget but the picture will show. She ate most of it but the carrots. At least she eats some of those when they are cut into fun shapes. Still loving the bentoing. Oh yeah, in the picture you can see the new bag we got for Annie to carry her bento... gotta love Target!