Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Bento and a Word on Overachieving Parents

Bento season has begun again. It was so much fun creating this Halloween bento for Annie. When I woke up, I knew I wanted to do something halloweeny but I didn't really know what. I've learned that it works best for me to just sort of do it when I'm making one rather than plan it out ahead of time. My favorite thing in this one is the white pumpkin. It's a pressed egg with nori features. Annie came and saw it and found two little spots on the mini apples that looked like eyes so even the apple has a face! Her favorite thing to eat was the olive eyes. Very fun!

Last spring, Krista found and pointed out a magazine mention of Bentoing! Yay!! When I read it, some commenter mentioned a website directed towards "overachiever" moms so, of course, against my better judgment, I had to go to it! So, according to this website, just about everything I do would be considered "overachieving" in the not so positive way. To that I say, "Woo Hoo" (yes, Cassie, I still say woo hoo) then call me an overachiever because I absolutely love doing Bentos, planning big parties (not extravagent... even if they look that way... because don't forget, I'm a cheapskate), and pouring my energy into making my girls room and playroom something unforgettable! I don't do it (at least I don't think I do) to compete with anyone (besides, I'm such a hermit that I don't really have anyone with whom to compete even if I wanted!), I do it because I find it to be really fun!

Phew, got that off my chest...

One time, when I didn't take a picture of one of the bentos I made, Annie asked, "How come you're not taking a picture?" I told her that I don't need pictures of all of them to which she said, "Why not?" I don't know, why not? So, now I try to take pictures of all of them! Here are a few from earlier in the year: