Friday, January 29, 2010

The Palmehns Bento

Nothing like getting the chance to share the bento passion/addiction/love with family. Laura, Jesi and Lisa Palmehn came over and we all headed to United Noodles to start the bento action. Can't tell you how excited I am that UN now has bento boxes!

It was just as fun introducing the Palmehn's to United Noodles as well. If you live in the twin cities area, like asian food at all, then it is a must! At least once!

Since Chinese New Year was about to start, UN had a lovely fellow creating couplets for customers. Annie got a chance to use her Chinese and he created a special couplet just for her. Very fun! And, Norby finally got an accurate chinese character for sword/concentration for his new racquet stringing business. Now he just needs to make the stencil.

Finally, we made it home and the ladies got to work making beautiful bentos. Hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again!

Laura's Bento

Jesi's Bento

Lisa's Bento

All packed up and ready to go: