Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Bentos - Chicks and Hearts

Here are the February bentos I've made so far. Annie informed me that next month she is only eating lunch at school on Fridays (pizza day of course) and one other day and that's it. So it will be a bento crazy month! Here are the pictures:

Kamaboko fish bunnies and mandarin orange halves in the top row. Chinese tea eggs and kalamata olives in the second. And quail egg chicks and carrot straw in the third.

Kiwi ground with a blueberry river made me think of summer. Cheese curd, cherry tomatoe and olive salad sit next to them. A chopped salad with a pressed bunny egg and a cherry tomato flower with a leaf bottle of balsamic glaze for dressing and a cheesy center.

It is the month of love afterall! Kiwi hearts, heartcups of blueberries and oranges in the fruit row. Chopped tomato, olive and lettuce salad with carrot and cheese hearts in the middle row. And a heart egg broken in half, with veggie dumplings and cherry tomatoes.