Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Little Bears

My bentos haven't had much flourish lately and in large part that's because of THE sickness in the house that won't leave us alone. I get a little stressed trying to put together well organized and decorated lunches when the wee one cries for me, poor baby. So there is some decoration and some planning to these but mostly, they are what I hurriedly put together amidst the cries of Oskar in Norby's arms saying, "mama, please stop what you're doing and come put me to sleep!" Nissa sat, or rather stood, next to me and made a snack bento all on her own which she gobbled up before I finished, funny girl.

So in these matching bentos, the left side has quail eggs, orange slices and a bear faced apple - little bear number one. The right side has two containers of puréed dill cauliflower with carrot flowers, sesame udon noodles with shrimp and a couple of cheesy bear faces, havarti cheese that is - little bears two and three!

After I took the picture, I peeled Nissa's eggs for her per her request. She says they don't have enough time to eat let alone peel eggs. This is true, they have very short lunches indeed. Kind of wish they had enough time to eat their whole lunches and milk. Even if they rush, the girls rarely have time to finish. Conferences are on Wednesday, I could mention something then but for now, I hope they enjoy the three little bears.