Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creatures of the Night

My niece Ani made all of the creatures you see in Annie's bento (yep, Nissa is still too sick to go to school and, of course, now Oskar has the hacking cough, poor baby) for our Halloween Party last night. She made it a beautifully spooky party and I got to spend the whole day with her. Of course, my house was full of sick people (Norby caught the flu part too) which made it much harder for me to get the halloween happy juices flowing but Ani sure made it happen. With all her super yummy and cool treats, there were even enough left over for an instant and yet one of the best creature bento's Annie has ever had. There is a cinnamon apple jack-o-lantern tart, owl cupcake, meringue ghosts and probably the funniest of all, the mutant frog (candy covered strawberry... hmmm, I never asked what kind of candy... maybe white chocolate died green? I'll have to check). Along with those are a few cheddar bunnies, some orange/yellow tomatoes and the last of the "bat poop" banana bread bites. Annie loved it and gobbled the last of the halloween bento's all up. I think Nissa will be back at school tomorrow, she's getting tired of being at home and misses her friends. If her coughing is under control, then off she'll go (hey, that rhymed, hehe).