Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Jack

Happy Halloween!!

Norby made up a big batch of pizza crust dough and we all made individual pizzas for dinner. I made an extra ghosty one for Annie's lunch. It has bison sausage and kalamata olives on it and a cheesy ghost with an olive face trying to scare but is kind of cute. Yellow grape tomatoes and another olive round out that tier. The other has, what we decided to call "bat poop" in the corners (home made banana bread plops in mini bat muffin wrappers), mini jack-o-lantern oranges, some sugar snap peas and a few more orange grape tomatoes. Annie loved it and I have to admit, it was really fun to do an actual bento again. With all the sickness in our house, I've been off bentos.

Character Parade Day at school, a tragic story of Nissa.

Nissa didn't get a bento today because she is now home sick with the flu and a cold on top of it. Poor kid tried so hard to make it to school last Friday but thank goodness it panned out as it did. When we arrived, she tried to go in with Annie but felt sick so we left. Half way home, she said she thought she felt well enough to try to go back. Since it was her first character parade day, I rushed back so she could try. As soon as we got there, she said her tummy was feeling yucky again but she got out of the car (this is the thank goodness part). Suddenly the cries got more urgent and as I came around the back of the van, she lost it, poor sweet pea. Needless to say, she didn't get to be a part of the character parade. It was actually harder on me than her, she was too sick to really care after tossing her cookies. She just wanted to be home and I couldn't blame her, poor muffin. So she missed the character parade, has been sick all weekend and is still sick today, Halloween. Hopefully, we can get her to do some trick-or-treating. Then, all this sickness really needs to go away!