Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bao to the Cauliflower

A few of favorites of both girls in this bento. Every few weeks, I like to go to United Noodle and pick up some frozen items that make lunches a lot easier. Maybe someday, I'll make and freeze them myself but for now and the foreseeable future, these are great. In this bento is a large meat and vegetable bao (stuffed bun), some mini fresh mozzarella balls with a few tomatoes, and one of their current favorites, mashed cauliflower and garlic with dill (it's kind of stinky but they don't seem to mind). This went together very quickly this morning so I'll probably repeat it again soon. On to Halloween and hopefully a few halloween bentos! That is, after the big Colorado trip. We're meeting Norby after his man week and taking the grandparents and kids to a ranch in the mountains for a few days. I can not wait! Hopefully all this sickness will be done and I'll have a voice again. On the other hand, the whole husky voice is kind of working for me, lol.