Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yay! My favorite time of year is finally really here, except for the return to summer we are having this week temp wise. The leaves are half way turned and just beautiful. And on October 1st, the kids and I lugged out the Halloween decorations and put them up. Annie put on her thigh high halloween socks and black accompanying outfit and Nissa went through about three or four costumes during the whole process but for some reason, I never snapped a picture... so unlike me.

The fall halloweeny theme made it's way to the Bentos today. The bottom tier has some shrimp shumai (dumplings) surrounded by carrot leaves. The middle tier is chicken fried rice with more carrot leaves and finally the top tier has mini plums and kiwi. Papa is gone for his man week and so far we're getting along pretty well, despite the backed up kitchen sink (now cleared), fallen closet rod (still fallen) and lost tv remote (which is actually kind of a good thing). We miss him but hope it's a fun trip to the mountains too.