Monday, September 3, 2012

The Middle Years

The middle years of school anyway. Here she goes, growing up on me! The whole middle school came so quickly and seems a bigger deal since Annie is switching schools. She's beyond excited and gets to be with one of her best friends again. I, on the other hand, am a little bit of a wreck, lol. Not too bad just entering the unknown kind of wreck. So, I made her lunch. The top container has watermelon decorated with mint leaves and flowers as well as a small container of black cherry tomatoes (I think they're more purple) from Auntie Cassie, some mozzarella balls with nori and thyme flower decorations. The bottom container is where I kind of geek out because I used my new mini pie maker I got for my birthday!! I made a beef, mixed veggie, and Mushroom pie and surrounded it with nori sheets, carrot flowers, and at the request of Annie, mushrooms! Oh, I almost forgot, the butterflies are made from Norwegian gjetost cheese, a semi soft sort of caramelly sharp cheese. It is amazing and Annie's new favorite cheese! Yep, I feel more relaxed now. On to morning it is!