Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bonjour, Les Fleures...

Last of the new boxes! It was cute but I was a bit uninspired this morning. Maybe it's the baby boy constantly moving in my baby belly but I'm just wiped lately. Or it could also be Nissa starting preschool and gymnastics, Annie continuing Tai Chi, and both girls adding ballet all in the same week. Oh and not to mention switching the girls to a new clinic and all the phone calls that entails and to top it off, having a visit from a fence company to give us a quote and try to sell us a fence (nice guy and actually, we called him) but I digress from Bentos. Turkey meatballs, white organic cheddar hearts and a couple of beets on the right side. On the left are some herbed cream cheese rolls and mellon balls. Annie asked if, after learning how to do a mellon ball if she could make some Bentos after the baby music to my ears!