Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Papa's Preschool Bento

Nissa started preschool yesterday when I did these lunches! I made Annies rushed bento and since I was at it, made a rushed one for Norby too. The morning was really more focused on Nissa and nerves (hers and ours). He got spaghetti and cheese with wine grapes and roasted root vegetables. Well, he had this bento but after we dropped off Nissa, it was a little harder for us than we thought. So instead of a half day, Norby took a whole day and we saved this bento for today. How did we spend the day keeping our minds off preschool and our aging daughter? Why shopping of course! We even made it to Tomadachi which meant more bento supplies for me, including two more boxes! Ah! But, in my defense, we had to throw some out so I'm just replacing them, right?