Friday, September 10, 2010

Last of The Summer

It is so fall like here already and no matter how much the weather forecasters try to tell us it'll warm up in a day or two, it just isn't. I love it! Cold weather makes me happy. As I look at the garden, a few flowers are hanging on in the dirt so this bento is inspired by that. The bottom tier is fried rice with Kamaboko flowers decorated with nori centers. Surprise, Annie loved the wine grapes from yesterday so she gets more of them today in the middle tier along with some pear slices. And the top tier has a few of the leftover cherry tomatoes, the last of the sugar snap peas and, because she loves it so much, more kamaboko in the shape of flowers with nori dots. Just an aside, Norby couldn't help but comment on the lack of fairness when I sent Annie with her bento and him with a paper bag of Chinese containers of leftovers. Seriously, it doesn't mean I love you any less papa! :ox