Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm not a super patriotic person but one of those kind of oddballs who prefer to think of the whole earth as my home, however, as this bento took shape, it started to look like a small scene in American life. Cookie cutter houses with similar cars driving to and fro, all taking place under the red, white and blue. Kind of makes me giggle, I don't know why. Annie helped a ton this morning, which is great because I had us running late as I tried to get a little on top of the mound of housework that has accumulated in the past few weeks. She put the whole wheat organic sauced with local organic grass fed beef spaghetti and the organic raspberries and blueberries into the bento. She left the small tin open between the berries (her idea) and I added some bites of organic cauliflower. It was as I was adding the organic local havarti cheese landscape that I noticed the red, white and blue of the top tier, funny. And I think I overused the word organic in this post. Every once in a while it's like something inside me bursts out and forces me to let the world know we are organic people, lol. Next post, I'll be back to my usual self, I promise.