Monday, April 18, 2011

Get 'Er Movin'

This bento is loaded with fiberful veggies, which, ahem, get things moving! Annie loves cauliflower, who knew? So I blanched the veggies in the bottom tier and dunked them in soysauce again. The tomatoes are fresh actually, not blanched. The cloudy face in the cauliflower smiled big at me so I figured he should smile at Annie too. The middle tier has two types of Tomagoyaki (Japanese omlette thing). Both are seasoned with salt, pepper and dill but half are stuffed with cauliflower and the other half with asparagus. The fruit tier is pretty straight forward. I'm hoping the orange isn't overripe. I tasted it and it was awful but then I remembered that I had just brushed my teeth, haha. Well, that's all for this bento!