Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bear Hearts

Thanks Dragon City for such large portions! We had plenty of fried rice leftover and luckily, it's loved by the girls. It makes bentos a lot easier when there are tasty leftovers. So, house fried rice (chicken, shrimp, & pea pods) with a heart container of kalamata olives and another of cherry tomatoes. Did you know that there are companies that make organic american cheese (or pirate cheese as Annie named it years ago... long story)? I'm so happy! Don't know if it's any better for me but I'm going to say, "yes, yes it is" right now. Anyway, there's a cheese bear with a nori heart protecting the fried rice from anyone eating it not named Annie. The other tier has the last of the mandarin oranges and a couple of apple wedges also protected by bears with cheese and nori hearts. Here's to Monday and the start of another week!