Friday, June 3, 2011

Annie's Academic Bento

Today are Academic Performances at Annie's school. She left the one sheet of paper she needed to study at school. So, after a frantic email to her teacher for help, with a bit of a scolding and "is this becoming a habit?" tone, we got the paragraph she needed to memorize: 穆罕默德在公元年,出生在阿拉伯半岛的麦加。在他四十岁的时候,穆罕默德自称他在洞穴中默想时遇见了天使长加百列,他说加百列启示:他要他自创一个宗教,也就是我们现在所知道的伊斯兰教,穆罕默德被称为是神的先。追随他的人叫做穆斯林。Of course, I am totally unable to read it but Annie was relieved. Poor Annie, we've been so busy this spring that all of us are losing any sense of normalcy. Oh well, only one more week! So in Annie's bento, I swapped out pickles for tomatoes (last of the mini heirlooms) and went solo in making this one. We're off in a couple of hours to see her performance and then have a bit of a chat with Lin Laoshi to see what's up with Annie (by we, I mean me. Norby is busy with work and tennis and can't make it :( )