Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beat the Heat!

It officially hit 103 degrees today and we did everything possible to stay cool including keeping Annie home from her non air conditioned windowless classroom school. Of course, it takes almost nothing for me to keep her home since I miss her when she's gone. I'm always one step away from home schooling but as long as she's still happy, I'll keep her out there. It's supposed to be much nicer tomorrow so I made a bento, similar to my last but more easily eaten with fingers. I used the fresh oregano and the chive flowers from my garden again to make cream cheese tomato flowers. This time, threw in a couple of hard boiled quail eggs with nori flowers on them too. The other side has a container of grape grapes (who knew there are still grape colored grapes out there) flanked by cherries. In the cover, I slipped in a couple packages of snacking seaweed and I'll probably throw in a z-bar. After all these years, I'm still trying to get the right amount of food in each lunch but with her constantly changing appetite, it's usually just a guess!