Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Helper

Nissa is going to be a chef sooner or later, and head chef at that. When we make Bentos together, it's definitely a collaboration and more often than not, her ideas turn out better than what I had planned. In this bento, she wanted faces on the tamagoyaki or no nori decorations at all. She also said the dividers had to be a part of her bento and she chose every piece of food that went in it. It's fun and very different than when I make Bentos with Annie. So we have nori decorated tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and kamaboko (pressed fish, like imitation crab meat) in one tier, carrots and dill pickles with an elephant kawaii divider peeking out and finally, a sliced apple with a flower kawaii divider adding a little decor. Designed mostly by Nunu.