Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Annie

Norby and Nissa headed up to the cabin ahead of us since Nissa has tomorrow off so I only made one bento tonight. There's leftover rice, chicken, and bean hotdish with cheese and carrot heart/trees on the left. Two hardboiled quail eggs with chocolate cones and mushrooms in the middle. The last one is straight forward, mandarin orange wedges and a mini Nutella. Given it's October, I threw in a witch pick and given it's a hotdish, I threw in a mini spoon. So proud of Annie who gets to wear jeans tomorrow since she turned in all her homework and wasn't in detention! It's a fun reward. I just heard that its already snowing in Ely and am super jealous they're hanging out by the fire drinking hot chocolate. But, what a fun time for Nissa to have with papa!