Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Onigiri Omusubi

The deli at United Noodle now sells Omusubi (I only knew them as onigiri or rice balls) and they were so good that Norby made a batch. They're basically, in this case, pre-seasoned rice that is pressed and shaped when it is still steamy and hot. I have molds I have to use but Norby, who's a lot better at making them than I, just uses his hands to shape and press them. The girls love onigiri so they are the main item in their lunches today. There's also a mini summer sausage, pickles, carrot decorations, and kiwis. Most of Nissa's extras are in her snack tower thingy that is three little snack chambers that screw together. In there and, for Annie, the little metal hello kitty take out box are some chocolate mushrooms. It's lunchtime now so hopefully they're enjoying them!